Rear Body Kit for Sale

Fiberglass parts, brackets and more, included in Kit

parts included in rear bumper retaining kit. Stainless fasteners

Rear Bumper Brackets

adding new parts soon!

image of rear panel

sample of complete kit

sample of shortened bumpers.. NOTE before lower panel is cut for tail pipes.

Parts not included, but recommended for completion:

This kit is designed to be used with tail lights and back-up lights from the 68 through 73 series of cars.  Later model light assemblies will NOT work in this panel.

There were two styles of tail lights that combined a back-up lamp with the tail lights.  One is from 70-71 and has a circular pattern in the plastic and the other is from 71-73 with a checkered pattern.  The housings mount differently than the rubber bumper cars too and the wiring harness will need modification; pig tails soldered to the hardness to replace the original tail light wires.  Small boots help keep moisture and dirt from the lamp housing via the wiring.  You can complete the job with a license plate bracket and lamp.  All of the following parts are available from  I am not affiliated with Zip Corvette.  These are just parts I know will work.

I’ve included part numbers and recent prices for your convenience. Prices and availability are out of my control.

These are the two styles of tail lamps:

70-71E tail light and back-up light set with circular pattern.  From Zips the item number is L-521 and costs aprox $169.99   Requires one set

71L-73 tail light and back-up light checked style pattern.  From Zips the item number is L-522 and costs aprox $169.99  Requires one set.

69-73 Back-up light housing.  Item Number: L-474  Aprox $55.99 requires 2

72-73 Tail light housing. Item Number: L-475  Aprox #55.99 requires 2

63-73 backup harness kit.  Item Number: E-506  Aprox $13.99 requires 2

56-73 Tailight harness kit. Item Number: E-399  Aprox $13.99  requires 2

63-73 wiring harness boot.  Item Number: E-561  Aprox $11.99 requires 4

68-73 rear license bezel  second quality  Item Number: ET-605  Aprox $74.99

68-73 68-71 rear license light assembly. Item Number: L-478  Aprox $57.99rear license bezel  second quality  Item Number: ET-605  Aprox $74.99